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We wish to welcome you to our practice. We take the opportunity to take care of you and your family’s dental health. Thank you for selecting us as your dentist and we look forward to serve you.

Our goal is to provide you with the best coordinated highest quality care. To reach this goal our skilled professionals take a personalized approach to care by sitting down with you and discussing your dental needs and treatment. Your dental wealth is our primary concern. Our philosophy is to provide comprehensive care while treating every person with dignity and respect.


Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with roots of the teeth. We aim to save the patient natural teeth by restoring dental health and function by root canal treatments in single sitting. The treatment is machinized (rotary) with radiovisiograph checkups. We restore teeth with LASERS also.

Oral Surgery:

We treat and perform surgical extraction impacted teeth, removal of supernumerary teeth, expose unerupted teeth and treat injuries.


Help to line up the irregular teeth, correct the forwardly placed front teeth, with braces and other devices. We use in invisible braces to give you beautiful smile in social appearance.


We treat infants and children, to satisfy their special needs in relaxing, caring environment specifically geared toward young patients. Periodontics: We give special care to your gums by treating bleeding, spongy gums and the surroundly bone.


Treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance and health for patients with deficient teeth or tissues. We replace teeth temporarily or permanently with recent available facilities.

Special Treatments:

  • We have the latest facilities of LASER for oral surgeries, fillings, root canal treatment, and tongue ties. “PAINLESS, BLOODLESS SURGERIES WITH LASERS” are our speciality.
  • We create sparkling by special equipments for teeth whitening.
  • Replacement of teeth by using implants which give a permanent cure and natural look.

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